Proven results with immigration lawyers Richard Timpson

If there’s one fact that should be considered above all else when choosing a migration lawyer, it’s their success rate. It’s not uncommon for services to cost hundreds of dollars and if the final result if a rejection, this could be money better spent elsewhere. Before agreeing to employ the services of a potential provider, ask them about their results and the percentage of approvals that they have obtained over the years.

It won’t always be a lawyers fault if a person’s admittance is rejected – after all there are criminal records and intentions to consider. As long as the expert boasts a greater amount of approvals than rejections, you should be able to trust that you will be in good hands.

This will be considered and the applicant’s information will then be reviewed by the DOBP (the Department of Immigration and Border Protection). If the person meets the requirements, they will be given the option to proceed with their application. If not, they will receive a formal rejection notice – of which there is no obligation to provide a reason.

An expert lawyer will be able to help with the entire process; whether the application is taking place from outside the territory, or from within one of the states. In either event, the applicant will be required to provide a variety of evidence and documentation, before undergoing a formal immigration test. If approved, they will be provided with a visa that will act to define the terms of their residency.

Client feedback

Whilst on the topic of client feedback, another great way to get to grips with the services of a solicitor is to read what their previous customers thought of their experience. Websites usually offer a variety of testimonials, but there are dozens of review websites that offer the same. If the results speak highly about an immigration expert’s capabilities, skills and expertise – it might be worth getting in touch with them.

What laws relate to permanent visas?

As with all countries, Australia extends its own unique set of laws and policies that act to govern the types of people that are able to seek approval for entry. In most instances, the applier should have a clean criminal record and should not pose any threat or risk to Australian residents. They will also be required to undergo an extensive background check to prove their identity, attributes and characteristics.

An immigration lawyer will be able to offer advice relating to the individual policies and protocols and the government suggests that anyone hoping to obtain entry approval should seek professional help. The law dictates that anyone found to be in breach of a particular policy, or if they are charged and prosecuted for a criminal act once approved, may face deportation in severe circumstances.