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Tundra Howe

Business Manager

Tundra has been involved with agriculture for over 15 years and has been waving the purple flag for TQA Australia since 2005. Outgoing and professional, Tundra is well known within horticultural circles for her food safety and quality assurance expertise.

Tundra has a passion for helping agribusiness find practical ways to implement systems and her dream would be for all producers to only have to implement one system!  Tundra enjoys trivia nights and technology and (as a smart woman once said) would like mornings better if they started later. Appointments before 10am are not recommended.

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0407 317 533

Wayne Saman

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Daryl Connelly

Tax Accountants

Consulting Business Development Manager M.Bus, FAIM

Prior to 2010 Daryl was a TQA Australia employee and managed a number of projects of national significance to the agrifood sector. Now self employed, Daryl is currently retained as a consultant to help TQA Australia pursue its new strategic direction and to assist with business development. He is an enthusiastic manager with over 15 years experience in the food industry.

A former chef and aspiring amateur detective, Daryl used to enjoy beekeeping and amateur astronomy before becoming a father!

View Daryl’s LinkedIn profilehere, for more information about his skills and experience.


0488 333 893