Different Types of Fabrics & Home Accessories

When it comes to designing your own furniture, clothing and accessories, there’s nothing quite as important as the types of fabrics that you use. With so many to choose from, half the challenge relates to picking the best one for its purpose. Here’s a look at a variety of fabrics – many of which can be purchased via ShopMaddieG at a great price for large quantities.

Designer materials

These materials are ideal for creating stylish upholstery and they typically come in a variety of styles and colours. The main benefit is that they boast a superior quality when compared to cheaper alternatives. Each and every fibre is so intrinsically woven that the durability alone is multiplied several times over.

The fibres don’t stop there either; in fact as they are all high quality, they will retain colour for much longer (making them resistant to fading) and they can be cut and stitched with minimal fuss without concern over weak edges. This makes the material ideal for interior design work where long-lasting functionality is a top priority, alongside looking and feeling great.


This material is one of the strongest in the world and thanks to its plastic/ resin infrastructure, it’s perfect for a multitude of uses. The fibres are much thicker than those present within traditional fabrics and this is why many manufacturers rely on it for carpets. It is very resilient to dirt and dust build-ups too, and can be cleaned with a quick wipe.