A Useful Car Driving School Checklist

Whether you’re taking your driving test in Perth or doing it interstate with a rented vehicle, or if you’re a resident and are hoping to hire a vehicle for a couple of weeks prior to doing your test to take instruction in – here’s a useful car rentals checklist to help you to ensure that you rental for your driving test goes as efficiently as possible. Most hire agencies will cater to the needs of their customers, but it won’t hurt to take a few extra precautions, just to cover yourself should the need arise.

Seek suitable insurance cover

There’s not just the cost of the hire car to consider, there are also extra features that you will need to think about, too. From the type of accessories that are included with the vehicle (consider buggies and baby seats), all the way to the type of insurance coverage presented – there are a host of unique factors worth thinking about. Before signing on the dotted line, read your insurance policy carefully. If the company won’t cover you for scratches and dings, then you may find yourself presented with an additional expense.

Take photos of the vehicle before you drive it

Unfortunately, there are dozens of instances where customers have been stung by an extra bill after being accused of causing damage to a vehicle; even if they were innocent. There’s no way to properly gauge the quality of a particular car or van, but it can certainly help to give the vehicle a once over and take photographic evidence of any scrapes, scratches, or discrepancies. As long as the photos have a date and time stamp, you will be able to prove that you weren’t responsible for any issues that may arise.

Check the storage space

You may already know a little bit about the car that will be hired, or perhaps you’ve checked the specifications when booking online – but there’s nothing like being stuck with a vehicle that’s a little too small for your needs. Before confirming your booking, consider getting in touch with the agency directly via phone or email to learn a little more about the car in question. They will be able to provide additional information relating to the features and functions within the car, and this can help with your decision.

Make sure that you’re receiving the best deal

With dozens of car hire companies in Australia to choose from, it can be quite a challenge to be sure that you’re getting the best deal. Using websites to compare prices can be very beneficial, but you might find that the best deal will come from talking to the agency directly. If they have a particular model that is cheaper elsewhere, tell them that you’re thinking of taking your business to another provider and they might be willing to drop their costs to attain your business.