An Introduction to the Diploma of Business Course

Over the past few years, one particular course has increased in popularity due to the advanced nature of its contents – whilst being both affordable and ideal for those hoping to get into the business industry. This entry level course is known as a Diploma of Business and it can be undertaken at college level, online and from the comfort of the student’s home.


Often referred to in code form as BSB50215, the information provided by the course can teach a student a variety of advanced techniques and processes; all of which can be put to immediate use at the end of the course. Many students go on to manage their own companies, whilst others prefer to apply directly to agencies for program coordination roles. Even more go on to become respected team leads and project managers.

There are also students who use this type of qualification as a stepping stone to apply to higher level educational institutes; in particular universities (either online, or physical). Once the qualification has been obtained, a student will be recognised for their new skillset nationally (and internationally in some regions outside of Australia). Possibly the biggest benefit of the course is that there are no time limits for assignments, or immediate deadlines; meaning that a student can undertake their studies at their own pace and without fear of penalty.

Other considerations

The only time constraints relate to the total duration of the course (which is pre-defined as 18 months by the governing body of educators. This timeframe was put into place to ensure that all students have enough time to address course materials and other necessary engagements. Considering that the course itself could be completely in the space of a few months, it’s not illogical to learn that many students actually prefer to spread these studies out over a period of time.

There are even businesses that will be willing to hire students on the basis of apprenticeship, under the agreement that they will be studying toward the diploma over the course of a year and a half. During this time, many employees are able to learn first-hand experience that won’t just help with their education; but also their career when it comes time to completing their course.

The entire course can be broken down into no fewer than five individual modules, depending on the path that the student wishes to pursue. These modules include education targeted at understanding business systems, risk management, meetings, productivity for a sustainable future, e-Commerce and even human resources.

During these sections, a student will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject in question, followed by a formal evaluation of skills, before the final diploma is issued.

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